June 14, 2020 Environmental Considerations for Freezer Bag Cooking [Video]

Environmental Considerations for Freezer Bag Cooking [Video]

We love the outdoors and what to take care of it. We are sure you do too if you are watching this video! Freezer Bag Cooking is an easy method for outdoor cooking, especially while hiking, backpacking or camping. This method traditionally uses disposable quart-sized freezer bags.

Some ways to reduce your negative impact on the environment while using this method include:

– buying ingredients in bulk to make your own meals

– reuse bags for multiple meals

– reuse bags for containing trash

– upgrade to reusable silicone bags

– use only small amounts of cleaning supplies

This video is a highlight from a presentation Jessica Johnson, Owner and Maker of Discovering Wilderness, did with Cat Eckrode of The Outdoor Adventure Kind in March 2020.

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