August 22, 2019 Hiking Among GIANTS in Crescent City, CA [Video]

Hiking Among GIANTS in Crescent City, CA [Video]

Our big trip for 2019 was a 4 night camping trip in Crescent City, CA. This lovely little beach town is right along the California coast, just a bit south of the Oregon/California border. The main purpose for the trip was to see the giant redwoods that grow in this special area. Boy did we see some giant trees!

We spent a day exploring the Redwoods National and State Parks, where we learned a lot about the logging history of the area from the Kuchel Visitor Center. The staff there were a huge help in deciding where we’d go to find the biggest, oldest, coolest Redwoods! We took a drive out to the Redwood Creek Overlook to see the impact done by decades of logging. We hiked through the Lady Bird Johnson Grove . It was a short hike (only about 1.5 miles) that took us almost two hours to complete because of all the amazing and tall trees! On the way home we drove through the Big Tree Wayside to find this beast:

The Big Tree is 286 feet tall, 23.7 feet across and about 1500 years old!!!

This trip was also a fun opportunity to camp with some of our friends, who recently decided to try out freezer bag cooking as an alternative cooking method to cast iron cooking…which they do amazingly well. We’d never eaten such a delicious steak before…let alone one cooked over a campfire in a cast iron skillet. Wow, do they have some skills!

See that steam in the top left picture below? Its proof that the cozy was hard at work while our friend waited for his food to rehydrate. If you’ve never tried this method of outdoor cooking, it just requires boiling a little water and a bit of patience. It is a simple and quick way to eat hot while out in the wilderness.

When we asked our friends about their first experience using their cozies, they told us,

This was our first time making a dehydrated meal…being able to use the cozy to keep the food hot as it “cooked” and still have a super hot breakfast was very exciting! We will be using the cozies every time we camp for nice quick hot meals. This time we used a pre-bought meal so we are also very excited to try some of the meal recipes we got from you with our cozies.

Want to see more from our trip? Check out the video below!

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