February 2, 2019 New Year’s Day Hike…and 2019 Adventure Goals! [Video]

New Year’s Day Hike…and 2019 Adventure Goals! [Video]

On January 1, we took Slugger and went out hiking to bring in the New Year! We could not think of a better way to start off another year than to get outside for another great adventure!

This time we hiked most of the way up Hamilton Mountain in the Columbia River Gorge. Slugger started having trouble getting up some of the scrambles, so we turned around with just under a mile left to the top. This video captures the beautiful views, a vigorous hike, and overall great day that helped us welcome in 2019.

Our Adventure Goals for 2019

Our goal for 2019 is to get out exploring nature at least once a month. This could include hiking, backpacking or camping. We just love to get outside! We feel so much better after time in nature. We know it is good for our mental and physical health so we try to make outdoor adventures a priority for us.

So far we have booked two camping trips for 2019. We will return to Cougar Campground about an hour NE of us in June for a weekend. In July we’ve booked a longer trip to explore Redwood National Forrest in Northern California. DJ has never seen the Redwoods, but growing up in Southern California, Jessica was able to enjoy these magnificent giant trees several times. We are also planning two backpacking trips, one in May and one in September or October.

Where are you heading in 2019? We’d love to hear about your adventure plans or goals for the year!

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