September 27, 2018 Finally on the PCT!!!

Finally on the PCT!!!

It has been a dream for both of us (Jessica and DJ) for many years to get on the PCT (Pacific Coast Trail)…yes, before Cheryl Strayed made it so famous with her crazy story documented in the book “Wild”!

Last weekend we finally did it…we finally got on the PCT! It was only for one night, but that one night was awesome!

We picked a relatively flat trail not too far from our home called the Big Lava Bed Trail via PCT on There were no reviews on the page nor much of a description, but it sounded like what we wanted! We headed out Saturday morning a little later than intended, but in the end we likely missed a good bit of the heavy rain by starting after lunch.

We hiked 6.15 miles then turned around to find camp for the night. It was a beautiful hike! Our pace was ridiculously slow at first due to all the amazing lava beds and fall colors around us. We kept stopping to take in the scenery, grab a few shots and adjust our gear.


With about an hour before dark we found an amazing site to set up camp. We had a small area just big enough for our tent right by a small stream. A larger open area covered by a few large trees was just a short walk up a path so we made that our kitchen and living room for the night.

We cooked mashed potatoes and chicken for dinner, hung up our bear bag then climbed in our sacks…shortly after 8pm. It was a great day out in the wilderness and we were exhausted!

Our food was right where we left in the following morning, much to our relief. After breaking down camp and enjoying cranberry oatmeal and cinnamon roll pop tarts for breakfast we sadly headed back to the trailhead and our car.

It was about another 5 miles out and we had the trail mostly to ourselves. By the end our hips and legs were certainly sore, yet our hearts were full! Saturday was rainy almost all day but Sunday morning was just gorgeous.

Sometimes one day is all you’ve got to get outside. It may not sound like enough time, but really any amount of time spend out in wilderness can be enjoyable. To watch a short video of this trip visit…

Thanks for following along and we look forward to sharing our next adventure with you!


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