September 24, 2018 The cozy shall live on!

The cozy shall live on!

The freezer bag cozy was originally designed and sewn by Sarah Kirkconnell, a Washington State native, cookbook author and blogger. Her friend Dani Hendrickson took over sewing in 2012, when Sarah’s life went from full to bursting. Dani officially took over the entire cozy side of the business and used it until 2018 as the the cornerstone for Valhalla Outdoors.

Now it belongs to me (Jessica Johnson) with the support of my husband DJ. We are both avid lovers of the great outdoors. We are excited to announce that the cozy shall live on! 

In the spring of 2018 DJ saw Dani’s update on Facebook about being accepted to the Huxley College of the Environment. This exciting opportunity would leave her little time to continue the cozy business so she was looking for a lady interested in continuing this small business.

I am a huge fan of all things outdoors. I grew up camping with my family and friends. I just love being outside anywhere…forests, deserts, mountains, lakes, rivers, streams…I love them all. I especially love hiking and camping. The combination of those two (aka backpacking) gives me a special freedom to explore and keep life simple. I am a pioneer, creator and feeder at heart so when DJ let me know about the opportunity to start sewing and selling cozies I jumped at the opportunity to learn more from Dani.

After a few conversations with Dani, a bit of strategizing with DJ and my own time in prayer, I accepted Dani’s gracious offer to continue the cozy business she and Sarah started more than a decade ago! In September 2018 Dani gifted me her leftover materials and taught me her tricks for making a solid product. Sarah and Dani, thank you for entrusting your fantastic business idea and cozy community to me!

Cozies will continue to be sewn in the fantastic Pacific Northwest, made with love and seasoned with adventure. DJ and I look forward to hearing your adventure tales and seek to provide you with an outstanding and easy way to enjoy warm food on the trail, or where ever you take it!

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